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  • Sep 20, 2019

Escorting in the UK: The Laws & Dangers

The escort industry within the UK is growing. It’s a lucrative trade, one which can see workers earn a high amount of money. However, the current legislation and laws can arguably be seen as doing little to protect workers. Additionally, escorts face often violent situations and terrible stigma, which contributes to the danger of the profession. The term ‘escort’ can conjure up a variety of perceptions, ranging from a strong, independent female, in charge of their own destiny and money, to a desperate woman forced into the trade due to extreme circumstances (such as homelessness or drug use). In the below study, we examine the current UK laws for the industry and how they contribute towards the stigma and danger escorts have to deal with daily.


The Law in the UK

While it’s generally assumed that legalities regarding escorts and prostitution are set in stone, the law in the UK is somewhat of a grey area. Prostitution is, in fact, legal when it’s referring to exchanging sexual activities for money. You are permitted to sell sex and pay for it, although if you live in Northern Ireland, this does not apply. Where it’s illegal, however, refers to the acts of finding and approaching clients in the street, owning and running a brothel, along with pimping. It’s illegal in the UK to:

    •  Kerb crawl
    •  Rent or allow a property to use as a brothel
    •  Use force, threats, deception and other types of coercion to exploit someone who is selling sexual services
    •  Traffic workers to or around the UK
    •  Advertise in phone boxes

Despite the strict laws regarding the above illegal activities, the treatment and stigma British sex workers face can be very different from those escorts receive in countries where the law is more relaxed. In contrast to prostitution, where a sex worker sells sexual activities, escorting can be viewed differently. The majority of escort agencies work tirelessly to protect their workers, by implementing solutions such as vetting clients and allowing them to make appointments with specific employees. This provides protection as the agency is aware of where the escort is, and who they are with. However, a number do not protect their workers and do take a high cut of the workers' profits.

The statistics for escorting in London, in particular, may be surprising. The United Kingdom is a hub for escort agencies in Europe. A staggering 96% of women entered the escort industry by choice, which may dispel common myths that escorts turn to the trade due to desperation. The escort industry does contribute an incredible £5.3 billion to the UK economy, and despite what may be believed, only 20% of clients use an escort service for overnight.


How the Laws Can Cause Dangerous Situations

Unfortunately, while laws are built to protect those in the escort industry, this is not always the case. The illegality of brothels, for example, can put workers at risk, simply because they don’t have a safe space to conduct their business. This led to workers setting up their own brothels in 2018; it is illegal, but it promoted safety and inclusivity within the industry. The advantages of sex workers creating pop-up brothels include the fact that the workers keep all of their profits. A report collated by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee in 2016 highlighted the vulnerability the workers in the trade often face due to stricter laws than more accepting countries, such as Netherlands. Stated in the report was the statistic that, between the years of 1990 and 2016, the murder of sex workers continues at “an alarming rate.” At the time the report was released, 152 sex workers had been murdered. Many workers report facing violence and crime from clients, and a 2014 report by APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Groups) ‘Shifting the Burden’ referred to the violence as “near pandemic levels of violence experienced by women.” This report also highlighted that “the most visible – women who sell sex - are targeted (sic: by the law), while the men who create the demand often walk away, without taking responsibility for the damage they do.” The current laws regarding the sex industry fail to protect the vulnerable, can be confusing, and it does not promote the need to report violent instances suffered by the vulnerable to the police – primarily because the worker is, very often, criminalised while the perpetrator is not.


How Escorts Are Perceived

The ambiguous law in the UK may state certain practices are legal, one issue escorts face is the stigma and treatment. The way escorts are perceived within the UK, while it is changing, can be negative and surrounded by common myths. One such myth which needs busting is certainly the reasons which lead to workers entering the trade, but it also applies to working conditions,personal situations and how the police in particular deal with violence and abuse escorts face.

•  The Difference in Treatment

The treatment escorts face within the UK can vary; from respect to abuse and all in between. It’s also subject to exploitation and trafficking, both of which are illegal practices. However, due to the treatment escorts face by the police force, seeking retribution is often ignored. Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes, states that women, who have tried to report an attack have come under investigation themselves.What’s more, the APPG report found that coercion is too difficult to prove within the UK system, meaning the treatment faced by escorts is set to continue until the laws change.

•  The Difference in Stigma

One common misperception of escorting in the UK is the fact that the (mainly women) workers are expected to exchange sexual activities with a client for money. While, of course, sexual activity may play a part in some services, this is not always the case. Escort services can range from paid dates to overnight stays. However, the stigma can be difficult to dispel, which leads to escorts keeping their profession a secret. By changing the laws, workers can work towards challenging the stigma and, more importantly, changing the stigma for good.

The sex industry within the UK is a booming industry, one which contributes billions to the economy. However, the current laws make it a hard to police trade, with workers facing terrible treatment, stigma, abuse, and in some cases, lose their life. To protect and create a safe environment, the legislation needs to adapt and change to take into account vulnerable workers, as well as ensuring perpetrators are dealt with swiftly.

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  • Mar 19, 2018

‘’HOW TO BE A PROPER GENTLEMAN’’ Advice from one of our playmates :

So you did it! In days of swiping left and right and waiting hopelessly for a date, you finally mustered up the courage and sought “RedLight Streets” , the premium one stop destination to all your dreams and desires. I am associated with “RedLight Streets” from quite a while and let me tell you, this online service doesn’t disappoints.


They say “ You wouldn’t treat your auto mechanic poorly and you wouldn’t treat a one night stand like a vending machine “. So pull up your man pants and take a look at Do’s and Don’ts and how to be a gentleman on a date with your playmate:


         1.“ Employ normal good manners “ : I know in these times a proper etiquette is less common than it used to be, but come on guys!! This is not a rocket science. Just try to remember all the things your mom taught you; ask rather than demand, say ‘thank you’ , get her a chair, hold the door open for her or at least take off your hat when a woman is in the room etc. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your experience. Show her chivalry still exists.


         2.“ Your first impression is everything “ : In order to improve your chances on dates, don’t write vulgar, selfish messages that describe all the things that you wanna do with her; that just immature and not really being a gentleman. Instead, write a message introducing yourself, when you would like to meet up and ask politely if she is free. Just because you are paying for a person’s time, .doesn't mean you should not be respectful of them, especially if you want a good time.”

Arranging a date and chatting to a companion is not like ordering a pizza !! It's a highly personal interaction .. make it as pleasant as you want it to be..Have fun, be light hearted, it's meant to be fun and fabulous.. So treat it as such..


         3. “Respect her limits and professionalism “ : Asking personal questions is a big NO-NO! A   companion is not your childhood sweetheart or you’re not lining up personalities to see if there is a future. If she doesn’t want to give you her personal number or let you take her picture, drop the subject right away. Don’t ask her “typical man questions” ; remember a question is a door you walk through and the same question could be asked of better not to ask..


So be a gentleman, be polite and I hope these insights will help you


Greek goddess


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  • Mar 07, 2018


Have you seen the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ , oh my oh my!!. Julia Roberts is so mesmerising ( I have a secret girl crush on her :p !) . While stories like this may romanticise the job, not all of us are going to have a Richard Gere climbing up our fire escapes.

But there are a lot of handsome, educated, successful and kind clients out there who want to share their time with someone who is beautiful, intelligent and caring like you, my “RedLight Streets” playmate. As with any job, continuing to improve upon yourself will only get you further and further along, both in your skill set and in increasing amount of money you can request from clients. Here are few ways to do just that :

  1. Be honest from the beginning so the client knows what to except : Make sure your photos are current, of high quality and show what you look like in reality! Don’t lie on your profile ; if you have put any specific skill set or place you have travelled, chances are the client will be attracted to it, will contact you in part because of it and will be annoyed if they discover that you are lying. Also if there’s anything you are uncomfortable with ( an event you would rather not go to, a kind of restaurant you can't enjoy) , let them know that as well. Chances are, while it is your job to make sure they are having a great time, they’ll want you to be enjoying yourself too.

  2. Educate yourself : Connect to the world around you through books, local sports, current event etc. Networking is a key my friend! You want to know what people are talking about, that way you have a chance to connect with your client. I’m not saying that you should be an expert on ,let's say cryptocurrencies, debts crises or NFL schedule. But if a client is a huge sports fan or a financial analyst, you’ll be attracting him if you have something to contribute to a conversation or just if you need a starter for one.                                       

  3. Take up hobbies : Keep your eyes open and observe what activities the kind of client you’re trying to attract is interested in, and then pick it up casually eg. if you like athletic man learn how to play golf or tennis. And in this way you will be more likely to be invited to functions, events or social gatherings ( and this way you will be able to earn more!)

  4. Know what you have to offer: If you advertise online, chances are you're not the only face your clients are seeing. Think of what makes you unique? Think of the kind of client you are looking forward to work with, and target your profile with (honest) things that might attract them.

So pull up your socks and go get him girl pal!!!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Greek Goddess

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RedLight Streets playmate….

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