‘’HOW TO BE A PROPER GENTLEMAN’’ Advice from one of our playmates :

So you did it! In days of swiping left and right and waiting hopelessly for a date, you finally mustered up the courage and sought “RedLight Streets” , the premium one stop destination to all your dreams and desires. I am associated with “RedLight Streets” from quite a while and let me tell you, this online service doesn’t disappoints.


They say “ You wouldn’t treat your auto mechanic poorly and you wouldn’t treat a one night stand like a vending machine “. So pull up your man pants and take a look at Do’s and Don’ts and how to be a gentleman on a date with your playmate:


         1.“ Employ normal good manners “ : I know in these times a proper etiquette is less common than it used to be, but come on guys!! This is not a rocket science. Just try to remember all the things your mom taught you; ask rather than demand, say ‘thank you’ , get her a chair, hold the door open for her or at least take off your hat when a woman is in the room etc. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your experience. Show her chivalry still exists.


         2.“ Your first impression is everything “ : In order to improve your chances on dates, don’t write vulgar, selfish messages that describe all the things that you wanna do with her; that just immature and not really being a gentleman. Instead, write a message introducing yourself, when you would like to meet up and ask politely if she is free. Just because you are paying for a person’s time, .doesn't mean you should not be respectful of them, especially if you want a good time.”

Arranging a date and chatting to a companion is not like ordering a pizza !! It's a highly personal interaction .. make it as pleasant as you want it to be..Have fun, be light hearted, it's meant to be fun and fabulous.. So treat it as such..


         3. “Respect her limits and professionalism “ : Asking personal questions is a big NO-NO! A   companion is not your childhood sweetheart or you’re not lining up personalities to see if there is a future. If she doesn’t want to give you her personal number or let you take her picture, drop the subject right away. Don’t ask her “typical man questions” ; remember a question is a door you walk through and the same question could be asked of you...so better not to ask..


So be a gentleman, be polite and I hope these insights will help you


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